• Printing Services

    MHZIT Printing services is a customer-focused and quality conscious online printing company. We provides high quality printing services in array of printing styles with a mission to be the best in the printing industry. Here, we will assists clients in promoting their business by offering reasonable price and professional online printing services.

    We have experience in providing suitable printing solution for customer. We have always delivered excellent quality printing to our client and that is why client have been ordering from us continuously.Whether clients give us standard litho offset printing job, full color digital job, or more custom printing jobs, we always make sure that our end product satisfies and surpasses customers expectation and needs.

    We are able to provide rush order services in case any customer need printing jobs for seminar, events or talk shows. If the job need to be done overnight, we will be able to provide that as well. Just give us a call or email us on any enquiries , we will get back to you as soon as possible.

     Services that we provide:

    • Business Card
    • Booklet
    • Flyer And Brochure
    • Event Ticket
    • Personalised Name Tag
    • Digital Printing
    • Litho Offset Printing
    • Calendar Printing
    • Canvas And Wall Art
    • Poster And Banner
    • Sticker And Label
    • Rubber Stamp
    • CD And DVD Cover
    • Business Document Print
    • Fridge Magnet And Button Badges
    • Pop Up System
    • Membership Card
    • Drawings And Plan
    • Bunting Stand
    • Ready Made Carton Boxes

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